The Children’s Fire

birth image- song of crow

The Foetus

The Children’s Fire lies at the centre of Song of Crow. This was the pledge of the indigenous Chiefs in ancient America: No law, no action, no entity, no organisation, no power, shall be allowed, that shall harm the children.

Can you imagine our society if we placed the Children’s Fire at the centre of all our institutions of power – in our governments, in our corporations, in our religions, in all our institutions of power? If we rekindled the Children’s Fire, and the chiefs of all those institutions pledged themselves to this Fire? Can you imagine the impact on our society?

A second question:

What kind of society is it that would not place the Children’s Fire at the very centre of its institutions of power?

These words are taken from the beautiful talk given by Mac Macartney, founder of Embercombe in Devon. Here is the link:  ://


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