Magic is Science is Magic

I sometimes ponder on the subjects of science and spirituality, I believe they can exist alongside each other, even viewing them as one and the same. It is all about perception. Science is born of the Universe, which came from where? We constantly strive to understand our purpose.

I have already focused on the mythical and spiritual so I wonder how science can influence the aesthetic of and movement within the piece. It has always interested me that we know more about space than our own seas and that in our descriptions of them we have chosen to use words from a shared palette. A difference I have observed is that space has not been gifted a gender. It is yet unknown.

Recent developments like the merging of black holes have been fascinating to witness.

Black holes swallow matter and release energy

Taking and giving, transformation, positives or negatives, intent, creation, as an image, a concept alongside themes in Song of Crow. Thought fodder.

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One thought on “Magic is Science is Magic

  1. Space has no gender…

    My thoughts circle often around black holes. Isn’t it amazing that a thought can enter a black hole, to see what might be inside – this will never be able to happen in reality. The black hole containing so great an energy, and all of it contained within because of its vastness, unable to escape, leaving not one trace of light on the lip of the hole. Not sure how it all relates, but these reflections do, in some shape or form. Extremes. Non-duality. Duality.


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