Prophecy and Rhyme

When I first read the script I sent this through to Jennifer, it seemed appropriate. I want to share it with you now.

After the last tree has been cut

After the last river has been poisoned

After the last fish has been caught

Only then will we find that money cannot be eaten

– Cree Indian prophecy

I have also been thinking about nursery rhymes in terms of vocal rhythm. Also, how there is often an unpleasant derivation and what this means for us as children of the Earth ‘singing’ a dedication, in part, to her. A song is sung over a sinister current, we praise though we lament, what is unwritten and how is this shown?

Inspiration for tone and choreography? Let’s play

Perhaps a childlike quality is what’s needed for chorus characterisation rather than a focus on females triads. I expect we shall be a amalgamation of many beings, in flux. Engage with the obvious and subvert or find that it works and luxuriate.

Youth, innocence, knowledge, purpose, control, power

— E —


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